Taste Is Not The Same As Flavor

Taste happens mostly in the mouth where taste buds abound.

Flavor is a multi-sensory experience.

The Science of Taste

Learn more about Gustation, Taste, and Flavor
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  • Our passion for enhancing the flavor of food dates back centuries. We enjoy food that's seared, sauteed, marinated, and well-seasoned.
  • The sense of taste involves chemical reactions that happen when food enters the mouth. Taste is not the same as flavor, but is a part of the flavor equation.
  • Flavor arises through the combined action of the senses, taste, smell, touch, sight, and so much more. It's a complex and multi-dimensional experience. Smell plays a big role in flavor sensation. 
  • Culinary students and sensory scientists use the senses as essential tools to explore flavor combinations, They strive to prepare delicious food, created with memorable flavors and textures.
  • Food lovers inspire master chefs to prepare meals that tantalize our palates and arouse all of the senses.

How Do Taste Buds Work?

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Learn more about Taste
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  • Thousands of taste buds are found on the tongue, the roof of the mouth, and in the throat.
  • Each taste bud has receptors for each of the five tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami (savory).
  • When food enters our mouth, tiny taste bud cell fibers tune into particular chemicals and signal the brain so we know if we're tasting is appealing or safe to eat.
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Applaud Color-rated Food Stars

Taste the Rainbow

Color Your Palate

Include a variety of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple foods on your plate for each meal.

Look to colorful organic and locally grown plant foods for rich sources of nutrients that promote health and wellness.

Lighten Up On Comfort Foods

Carefully choose menu options.

Find ways to make healthy choices for your comfort food selections.

Fun Facts For Food Lovers

Love grilled cheese?

Originally it wasn’t a sandwich.

You might be surprised to know that before 1960 this beloved comfort food was prepared with only one piece of bread. 

Today, this melted cheesy delight oozes even more happiness when we slide bacon, ham, or tomato between two buttery golden toasted slices of bread.

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