You’ll never find peace until you listen to your heart
George Michael

How Your Ears Work

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Learn more about Audition
(watch this witty and humorous video; 5:07min)

  • Sound waves help us to hear as they vibrate through three parts of the ear, the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear
  • Ear wax contains chemicals that keep the ear canal clean and fight off infection
  • Hearing happens after tiny hairs in the inner ear send nerve signals to the brain

Sound Advice

Inspirational Moments

Have You Heard?

Silence (poem from the book Letters to Myself; author Sofia Lorelle)

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Explore sound Self-Care practices


Sound Effects

Sound effects our mood, body, and work environment.
That’s why it’s important to design your soundscape with care.
Choose healthy and pleasant sounds.
Avoid noise.
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Music Thera-PLAY

Music speaks what cannot be expressed,
soothes the mind and gives it rest,
heals the heart and makes it whole,
flows from heaven to the soul.

Angela Monet

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