Smell The Coffee

Aromas are powerful triggers that can bring forth happy memories of past and present experiences.
Take note of scents that make you feel good or bring a smile to your face. Select your favorites.
Use diffusers, candles, room sprays, auto deodorizers, nasal inhalers, and other conductors to infuse pure or natural scents into your environment.

How Many Smells Can We Smell?
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Learn more about Olfaction
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  • The sense of smell is probably nature's oldest sense, and it's believed to be the first sense babies use.
  • Each breath we take pulls in rapid-moving odor molecules that flow directly in through the nose to special scent-detecting nerves. These odor molecules must fit specialized nerve receptors before the brain can recognize specific chemical components of the odors. The right fit happens instantaneously and reflects how fast we recognize and react to smells.
  • When nerves in other parts of the brain are triggered we also experience smell through emotion and memory.
  • On the latest count, scientists estimate the number of smells we can distinguish is at least 1 trillion.

The Nature of Scents

Fragrance, odor, or aroma?

People wear fragrant perfumes, cologne. musk, scented oils and body creams to enhance or mask the natural smell of the body.  The new scent is meant to attract, entice, and appeal to others around them.

Odors or unpleasant smells typically alerted human beings to the dangers of eating poisonous or spoiled food, harmful chemicals in the environment.

Aromas are memorable scents, like the uplifting smell of coffee. in our minds we often associate  specific aromas with foods we enjoy and satisfying dining experiences. 


Discover Pure Essential Oils

Explore scent-sational self-care practices


Scents can impact our health and well-being when used intentionally and safely.

The practice of using pure essential oils derived from natural plants, for health and wellness purposes has been embraced for centuries.

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