Recipe for a Rainbow. Reflections: Kool-aid rocked on a rainy day.

Ever notice the radiance in the eyes of children as they gaze at a rainbow? Children are naturally drawn to this spectacular sight. The appearance of a magnificent multi-colored arc featuring rays of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet light is no miracle, yet mystery abounds as we look upon it with awe-struck eyes. To unveil the magic, let’s take a closer look at what’s happening inside this seemingly supernatural phenomenon.

Just as many a Baby Boomer can recall the excitement felt when preparing to drink a glass of the ever popular Kool-aid, made from a small colorful package of flavored drink mix, this phenomenal light show starts with a stir. The recipe was easy: pour the colored powder into a tall glass pitcher, add sugar, and fill with water. The result: a cool, colorful, and enticing treat. And so it holds with the making of a rainbow, the recipe is quite simple, although great precision is required when mixing the ingredients.

To make this visual delight rainbow, just gather the following ingredients :

  • water droplets
  • sunlight or rays of light

Naturally mix, reflect, and refract the light into the water. Voilà, out pops the rainbow in all its brilliance! Legend tells us that for dreams to come true we must look over the rainbow. Remember, seeing is believing, so why not capture the magic, by looking right into it? The next time nature whips up this cool, colorful, and enticing display, be sure to fully indulge your senses. Enjoy!

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