Caring Partner Self-Care Plan


The basic consultation fee is $500, for preparation of a personalized Self-Care plan highlighting the five senses.

Select and purchase the plan, then complete and send the Feel Good questionnaire to In the email include a couple of dates and times when you are available to schedule a 45-minute live chat (on Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or conference call). During the chat we’ll ask you about your favorite people, places, and activities, so we can get to know you better. As your Self-care partner we help you uncover natural, non-medical, and sensational practices for you to enjoy and embrace on a daily basis. We design your plan around your personal preferences and unique lifestyle.

The New Year has arrived, and it’s the perfect time to take action and do what works to nurture and feel good each day. Together we’ll explore the many ways you can make self-care a priority. We’ll develop a Feel Good action checklist and deliver your unique Self-care Plan Summary to keep you on track for success in practicing self-care daily.

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Experience first-hand how it feels to make yourself a priority by reconnecting with the senses that successfully guided you to the people and things you enjoy most. Through the Caring Partner Plan we’ll show you how taking care of yourself can be practical,  sensational, and fun. In other words, it’s, the type of “work” you can be passionate about, and look forward to every day.

Try the Caring Partner Self-Care Plan risk-free.
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Good news! when you choose our Caring Partner Plan, you won’t have to do Self-Care alone. We’ll design a sensational and highly personalized self-care plan that fits your unique needs and lifestyle.

We make it fun. You make it happen!

The Caring Partner Self-Care Plan will be designed for you to enjoy. We strive to make it fun and easy by guiding you to activities, routines, and approaches for nurturing yourself daily.

First, you’ll need to share with us more about you, and ways you’re already using your senses to do the things you enjoy most. It’s also really important to let us in on what’s kept you from giving yourself the care you deserve.
• After we get to know you, we search for routines, practices, products and services that align with your likes, lifestyle, and selective experiences.
Next Feel Good All Under designs a personal self-care plan that includes multi-sensory approaches and rituals you can start immediately.
• We offer common sense guidance for using the senses – Sight, Sound, Scent, Taste, Touch, others, for feeling good and living well.
When completed, your plan serves as a customized roadmap for using common senses to relax, recharge, and refuel along your daily self-care journey.
Important note, The Caring Partner Plan does not provide medical advice, nor or any form of health care services. To address any concerns, we recommend that you consult with your doctor or health professional before starting the plan.