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Prepare for the journey. Load up on facts. Pack sensibly.

COMMON SENSE TIDBITS - Taking Stock Before You Go


The sense of sight creates our visual reality through optical illusions

Sight is a complex process and starts when light reflects off an object and enters the cornea (“the window of the eye”). This window view actually delivers an upside-down image, but the brain instantly steps in and flips the picture right-side up for our viewing pleasure.

Visualize beautiful & colorful things every day. See your way to better health.

Smell is considered the most ancient sense. It's evolved to help people, animals, and even a single cell organism, with no nose, detect the chemical components of their environment.

Scents continue to give us clues about how safe and comfortable we should feel with our surroundings. The SIRC Smell Report tells us

  • a pleasant fragrance can improve your mood and sense of well-being
  • vanilla is universally received as a pleasant and uplifting scent.

In your home or work area, place vanilla scented oil in a container on a desk. If you prefer a different scent, add your favorite scented oil in a diffuser. At the end of the day take note of what you've sniffed.

Does the scent make you feel happier?

Share a comment below and let us know

Hearing is all about sound waves that soar through the air, travel into the ears, and create vibrations. While on the move sound waves trigger nerve impulses that send information to the brain. This fast and furious action makes for our ability to detect sound.

Sounds tell us whether we can enjoy what we hear or serve to protect us by signaling danger.

Tune in and enjoy harmonious sound. Protect your ears from loud noise. Unplug from unhealthy sound quality.

What sense relies heavily on the sense of smell?
Answer: That's right, TASTE! Need proof? Ask a trusted assistant to serve you a familiar food item. Close your eyes, plug your nose, and take a bite. Can you identify the food and all its flavors? Try to remember the last time you had a cold, did food taste different? Did you enjoy it more, or less? Taste requires a team effort to pull it off to your satisfaction. A talented team of taste buds work in the mouth, along with other sensational partners like smell, sight, touch (for texture), and sometimes sound. Blending art with science, the team will help you to create lasting memories of the delicious meals you'll savor for years to come.

Touch is a sense you experience all over your body, through the skin.

Some believe the sense of touch is taken for granted, perhaps because less is known about it than the other four physical senses,  Here's what researchers tell us about this powerful communicator

  • Touch is the first of the five senses babies develop
  • People need touch for healthy physical and psychological development
  • We use touch to gather information about the physical environment that surrounds us
  • Affectionate touching impacts people in powerful ways. When given appropriately, and received positively, studies show it can reduce stress and anxiety, improve heart health, reduce the feeling of pain, and speed physical recovery.

Regularly reach out and touch family and loved ones, appropriately of course.

The 6th Sense - commonly known as Intuition

Practically everyone's had a gut feeling, a clear internal message to do something or a warning not to do something.

Intuition speaks truth. Listen attentively, rely on it, and trust it more.

How Many Senses Do We Use?
How Your Body Really Reacts With The World
(video by Seeker)

Learn more (watch video; 5:19 min)


Start your sense exploration now!  Here's all you'll need to do before you go:
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