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Practice Self-Care In Motion

Keep Yourself In Step or On Beat, Workout Through Dance
Health Benefits of Dancing Medical Course (watch video by The Doctors; 4:37min)  
Practice Self-Care Through Stillness

4 Ways To Sharpen Your Intuition, Even If You Don't Think You Have It

(video by Marie Forleo; copyright holder;

Learn more about Intuition - " The 6th Sense"
 (watch video; 7:24min)

Everyone has a "natural knowing" and the potential to tap into it. Remember, intuition lives in your body, not your mind.

Learn 4 ways to build your intuitive muscle:

  • Look back to instances from your past that turned out to be true
  • Meditate daily
  • Ask for guidance
  • Pay attention to the physical sensations you feel in your body
What Is Meditation?

(video by Improvement Pill)

Learn more about Meditation
(watch video; 4:05min)

  • Meditation is a practice everyone can do, and benefit from.
  • We think a lot, but many of our thoughts are not positive or constructive.
  • Every day your thoughts affect how you feel. Thinking too much might make you feel crappy.
  • Start spending less time in your head.
  • Practice slowing down the number and speed of thoughts that enter your head, so you can notice more beauty in the world around you.
Explore other common sense ways to energize
What works to make you FEEL GOOD * PLAY MORE * LIVE WELL?

The Brain Works

In the human body the brain directs activities throughout the nervous system. It acts as the control center for our senses.

  • Sensational conspiracies happen when two or more senses act together to achieve a multi-sensory performance.
  • Authorities have identified and charged the brain as a major co-conspirator. Lots of physical evidence is available to place it at the center of sensational activity. The proof lies in what we see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and what we know intuitively.   

S.P.A. ("Sanus per aquam", or health by water) - Water Works

Water Works

Water is a powerful element. It's a multi-purpose liquid that works in so many wonderful ways.