Get Smart - Spot Sensational Conspiracies

The brain serves as captain of the enterprise commonly known as “the senses”

Sensational conspiracies happen when two or more senses work together to create common or phenomenal results, like the sensation of Flavor.

Beyond taste, Flavor happens when scent, sight, touch, and occasionally sound, conspire to deliver complex flavor sensations. Witness how this classic conspiracy is committed...

  • It starts as soon as you smell your favorite foods.
  • You see the targeted food item, and sometimes even hear it cooking, well before any food touches your tongue.
  • Once food is in the mouth, if you like it you'll taste it, chew it, then swallow the food, piece by piece, until little or no evidence of the food remains.
  • Remarkably, your brain helps create long-lasting memories of a savory meal and pleasurable experience.

Nourish and use your brain daily so it can steer the forces within. Put the brain to work.

Are you ready for a fun challenge? Get set and solve this brain teaser.

How may correct answers were teased out by Mr. McDaniels?

Try it once more or check back soon for the next teaser challenge.

The Brain Works

Learn more...

  • Neuroscientists reveal that left and right hemispheres of a section within the human brain carry out specific functions.
  • Each side of the brain typically controls different functions on the opposite side of the body, but neither side is stronger or more dominant than the other.
  • The right and left sides work together intimately, even though someone might say, I'm a "left-brained thinker" (logical, analytical), or a "right-brained thinker" (creative, intuitive).
  • The right side is associated with feelings, but truly feeling good stems from a combination of activities on both sides. Many artists and entertainers may enjoy an organized environment, just as mathematicians and lawyers can find bliss from watching or participating in sports activities.
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