Water Works

"Sanus per Aquam"... invites health by water

Historians point out an inscription, “Sanus per aquam“ as it appeared in Latin on the walls of public baths in ancient Rome. Fittingly translated, as “health or healing through water, it marked a place where residents flocked to regularly.

Public bath houses in ancient Europe were places where Roman and Greek families went nearly every day, to wash their bodies and socialize.

We carry on many of these S.P.A. traditions in our modern spa experience. Spa facilities offer an extensive menu of services for relaxation, health and healing.

Daily cleansing and personal hygiene activities now take place mostly in our homes, a far more private activity for the general public than in ancient times. Today spas offer aromatherapy soaks, mineral baths, therapeutic water cures, and hydrotherapy treatments to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being.

Refresh your mind, body, and spirit. Here's a few ways to get in the flow.

  • create a home spa
  • swim at a gym or local health club
  • focus on your special needs, and check with your doctor or health care provider for water therapy recommendations
  • schedule time to steam, soak, or receive a detoxifying body scrub at a day spa
  • try out a refreshing hydrotherapy service at a popular spa

[From Ancient Baths to Modern Spa]

Ancient Bath


Modern Turkish Bath

Home Spa

Modern Spa Hammam

Bathing in Hot Springs


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The Brain Works

In the human body the brain directs activities throughout the nervous system. It acts as the control center for our senses.

  • Sensational conspiracies happen when two or more senses act together to achieve a multi-sensory performance
  • Authorities have identified and charged the brain as a major co-conspirator. Lots of physical evidence is available to place it at the center of sensational activity. The proof lies in what we see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and what we know intuitively.

Working Mind + Body

Do The Work!

Employ your senses to balance your mind, body, and spirit.