Go Beyond the 5 - Find what works.

Look beyond the popular 5 senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch). Let's dig for answers to the questions below. Learn how other sensory guides work in and outside of the human body. Explore what’s available to support your wellness journey.

How many senses do we have?

View the video on this page and continue counting the twelve or more senses available to us.

Who’s the boss of these sensational action networks?

Answer: The Brain
The brain directs the cast of characters for most of the sensational performances in the human body.

What happens when two or more senses act together?

Answer: Sensational Conspiracies
The brain oversees when senses act together to create both common and phenomenal results. Authorities tell us these sensational conspiracies are repeatedly committed for the benefit of the bodies involved.

How can you rev up more energy and get working to feel good, play more, and live well?

Answer: Working Mind + Body
Employ your senses to balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Answer: Go to S.P.A. - Water Works
Water is a powerful element. We can use it in so many wonderful ways.

How Your Body Really Reacts With The World

(video by Seeker)

  • Learn more (watch video; 5:19 min)
  • Scientists have identified at least 12 senses, many more than the well-known five senses.
  • Different types of nerve receptor cell systems work throughout the human body. Receptors help the body to function by getting the word out to the brain to tell it what’s happening around it.
  • Pressure, pain, and itch are now considered separate senses, but once thought to be part of the sense of touch
  • Children experience an innate sense of time, often called an internal clock.
Explore sensible ways to energize
Discover what works to help you take better care of YOU.

The Brain Works

The Brain

The grand conductor of the nervous system, the brain serves as the control center for the many sensations we experience each day. It sends and receives nerve signals throughout the human body, receiving and transmitting the messages that make it possible for us to perceive and understand what's happening in and around us.

Mind + Body Works

Employ your senses to balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Use what works.

  • Intuition
  • Meditation
  • Inspiration
  • Yoga
  • Exercise & Fitness
  • Sleep
  • and more...

S.P.A. ("Sanus per aquam") - Water Works

Get in the flow.
Water is a multi-purpose liquid that works in us and for us.

  • Drink, Cook, Hydrate with it
  • Bathe, Cleanse, Rinse under it
  • Swim, Play sports in it
  • Float, Sail, Travel over it