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Welcome to Feel Good All Under, the place that explores and enthusiastically promotes Self-Care.

What Is Self-Care?
    • Self-care encompasses the many things you do, avoid, believe or just be, all to actively preserve or improve your health, happiness, and well-being.
    • Self-care is a necessary but often misunderstood, overlooked, or too easily pushed to the bottom of the “To Do” list.
    • Daily Self-care is essential if You wish to live a long and healthy life.
    • Self-care is not selfish, over-indulgence, or unproductive “me time”. The benefits of Self-care are numerous.
    • Self-care goes beyond "D.I.Y'. Choosing to take care of yourself doesn't mean you'll have to do it all by yourself.
    • Every care-giver, needs a cheerleader! We see You as the No.1 care-giver. so it's our priority to keep You informed and boost your successes as You incorporate Self-care into your daily or weekly routine.
Are you a care-giver, care-taker, or just too busy to take optimal care of yourself?

Please take a moment to reflect on the questions below:

  1. Are your days consumed with meeting demands of work, family, and fulfilling endless obligations?
  2. Can't find time to fit in at least one self-care routine every day?
  3. Have you thought about taking better care of yourself, but don't know where to look for new, fun or exciting ways to feel great and jump-start your self-care plans?

Did you answer “Yes” to any of the questions above? If so, act now, make Self-care a top priority! We invite You to come back to your senses, visit FeelGoodAllUnder.com where we'll guide you and anyone you choose to join you on your wellness journey. We'll guide You to sensible solutions for feeling great and taking great care of yourself every day. 

Let's Plan Your Self-Care Journey - Today!

We understand how hard it is to pause and take care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. That's why we'll help You...

What's In It For You?

We uncover fun and enjoyable ways to use the commonly known five (5) senses (sight, sound, scent, taste, and touch), the 6th, and beyond to map out a unique path to wellness for our clients. Serving as a virtual guide to 'sense-sational', natural, and non-medical Self-care practices, products, and views. We're here to help YOU feel good and take better care of yourself.

  • learn why Self-care is essential to your health and well-being 
  • stay informed about wellness trends
  • regularly deep dive online and off-line in search of new ideas, programs, as well as sensational products & services, to assist You in achieving your wellness goals
  • navigate along a sensible path to Self-care
  • save valuable time so You can focus on the other things that matter to You
  • partner with us to start the personalized Self-Care plan option you've selected  to jump-start your wellness journey.
Why Choose Feel Good All Under To Design Your Personalized Self-Care Plan?

Feel Good All Under also offers active individuals, busy professionals, and care-givers one–to–one guidance by developing a customized and sensational self-care plan. When you select this service, we'll design a unique personalized self-care plan which includes unique and natural approaches that are focused on intentional use of your senses. You carry these powerful tools around every day, so why not make the highest and best use of them? 

When we partner in your self-care, our goal is discover sensible solutions that allow you to live well and enjoy your life.

Together we’ll uncover what it takes to replace T.G.I.F. (Thank God It’s Friday) with “T.G.I.T.”, Thank God It’s TODAY!

Our Founder - Margo

Our Founder, who is affectionately know as Margo, has helped many people to make life and death decisions. Over the years she's guided individuals in making plans ranging from travel and food choices: the fun stuff, to...health, wealth and settling one's final affairs - the more serious types of life decisions.

Serving as an experiential planner Margo continues to encourage people to take good care of themselves. For over ten years, she worked as a health educator at a major cancer center in New York City. There she listened closely and responded to hundreds of questions posed by patients, care-givers, and others who sought assistance with their health care plans. She's highly-skilled in showing others how to set goals, then combine focused energy with action to achieve their desired results. She believes experience is our best teacher, and learning is most effective when delivered in a fun or enjoyable way.  As your Self-care partner, she invites you to experience sensational results through putting your uniquely designed Self-care plans into action.  

Margo was inspired to create Feel Good All Under several years ago after she began to ask these questions...

1) How does feeling good impact your health, and well-being?

2) Can you redirect feelings, actions, or your environment, enough to take better care of yourself, or just turn a crappy, stressful day into a great day?

3) What if we rev up those powerful tools we call the senses. How can they guide us on a sensational wellness journey?

4) In what ways can I help others to embrace a sensible self-care action plan, experience well-being and live well every day?



Margo needs your input to help answer these questions. By serving as your guide or partner while you travel along the road to wellness, we invite you to share your experiences. Although she strongly believes in taking a holistic approach to managing health, Margo does not recommend anyone abandon a course of treatment that’s in place, or a health regimen which your doctor or health care team has proposed for you.

Margo launched Feelgoodallunder.com to share with You what she's learned and continues to discover about the many ways you can tap into your senses. These amazing tools serve in so many wonderful ways to help You feel good, sustain high energy, and keep on a sensational path to wellness.

Anyone who knows Margo can tell you she's passionate about all things food! Earlier in her career she helped to plan meals for diabetic patients who received care at a rehabilitation hospital in upstate New York. That's where she first saw how difficult it can be for a person to change dietary habits or make major lifestyle adjustments. Later training as a food service manager at a private university in The Bronx, New York, she learned firsthand about the challenges of preparing food to meet the various taste preferences of hundreds of people, college students, faculty and staff alike. Her experiences revealed that food plays a huge role in helping people feel healthy and happy. Making mindful food choices now comes easy to this self-proclaimed "foodie".

Margo advises and prepares clients to develop healthy and careful habits in other areas of their lives. In New York, when individuals and business owners call on her to serve as their legal advisor or financial consultant she works diligently to provide guidance and deliver a plan outlining the ways and means by which they can achieve their goals. Margo aims to inform, empower, and whenever possible, enrich the lives of others. 

Margo likes to see people enjoy themselves, so she's organized gatherings with lively groups of individuals to visit popular attractions in and around New York. Just for fun, she still  plans vacations, stay-cations, spa getaways, visits to escape room adventures, and hosts game parties. She loves comedy, fun, and laughter. After all, isn’t laughter the best medicine?

Discover what happens when You put Self-Care first.
We'll plan your self-care experience and identify sensible solutions that You can immediately use or embrace.
We make it fun...
You make it happen!


Return to your senses. Choose Feel Good All Under as your Self-care Partner. Working together we'll create a plan that lets You fit in enjoyable ways to recharge, refuel, and apply sensible solutions that empower You to do more of the things you love.

• Feel good •

• Play more •

• Live well •

Get started on a wonderful wellness journey now!

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